How to fix “These Results May Be Incomplete” In Start Menu Search


If you use Start search often you have probably seen “These results may be incomplete” message while searching for something. The message usually appears when the search indexing is in progress. But if you are seeing the message more often the following troubleshoot methods might help.


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Check if Indexing is in progress

The message will appear when the search indexing is in process. It will disappear when the message will disappear.

To check if the search index is running, in the Start menu search field, type Indexing options, and then press Enter key to open Indexing Options. If the Start menu is not helping to launch it, open Control Panel, change View by to Small icons, and then click Indexing options.


If the Index is not running, you will see Index complete message as shown in the picture below. And if the Indexing is running, please check back the indexing status after some time.

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Pause the indexing

If you want to make sure that the message doesn’t appear when the indexing is not running, you can verify the same by temporarily pausing the indexing job. To do so, open Indexing Options by following the instructions in Method 1, and then click Pause button to manually pause indexing.

Once the indexing is paused, open the Start menu and search for something and check if “The results may be incomplete” message appears.


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Try the official search troubleshooter

Step 1: Open Control Panel.

Step 2: Click Troubleshooting.

Step 3: Click View all link to view all the available troubleshooters in .

Step 4: Click Search and indexing entry to launch the troubleshooter.

Step 5: Click next button to run troubleshooter.


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Manually rebuild the search index

If the “These results may be incomplete” message appears even when the search indexing is not in progress and it’s not disappearing even after running the search and index troubleshooter, please manually rebuild the search index once.

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