How to Fix the Thumbnail Previews Not Showing In Windows 10 File Explorer


The more commonly known as the Explorer offers different settings to view files like extra-large icons, large icons, small icons, tiles, list, content, icons and details.

When the settings are set to extra-large icons, large icons, medium icons, details or tiles view, File Explorer displays thumbnails for user to easily find what they are looking for by looking at the preview displayed.


Many users have seen that the File Explorer doesn’t shows anything in the thumbnail, if you are experiencing the same problem try the following methods.

Fix to thumbnail issue in Windows 10

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Check if thumbnail preview supported view is turned on

First of all you need to make sure that you have turned on the thumbnail supported preview of the file you want to view. Every folder can have its own setting and this might be the case that the general settings won’t affect them.

To turn on the thumbnail settings, click on the view tab on the top of the window and then click on the following views.

  • Extra-large icons
  • Large icons
  • Medium icons
  • Tiles
  • Content

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Check if thumbnails are disabled

Even if thumbnail preview supported view is turned on for a particular folder, thumbnails for files won’t be displayed if the File Explorer is configured to show icons instead of thumbnails. When thumbnails are turned off the File Explorer will show icons instead of thumbnails.

Here is how to turn on Thumbnails in Windows 10:

Step 1: Open File Explorer and then click on the file and then click Change folder and search options to open Folder options.


Step 2: Switch to view tab. Go to Advanced settings, uncheck the option labelled always show icons, never thumbnails. Then click apply for changes to occur.




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Clear thumbnail cache

If the File Explorer is displaying blurry thumbnails for one or more files, it could be because of the corrupted thumbnail cache. Try clearing and resetting the thumbnail cache and then seeing if it makes any difference.

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Install a third-party thumbnail generator

Thumbnail is not supported for all types of files and folders but if you still wish to see thumbnails you can use third-party software like learos to generate thumbnails for you.





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