It has been recently been discovered that there have been issue with the touchpads after upgrading to . The user is unable to activate and use the touchpad gestures after the upgrade and while the touchpad is not working altogether for the others.

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Restart your PC

This is the first thing you should do if you are facing small issues in the as it has proven very effective for the small problems.


Press Windows logo and X keys to open the power user , press U key on the , and then press R key to perform a restart.

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Check touchpad settings, and turn on the hotkey

Some laptops have dedicated hotkeys to turn the touchpad on or off. Make sure that the touchpad is not turned off.

Check touchpad settings

Most touchpads drivers offer on and off option to turn off or disable the touchpad. You can open Mouse properties by typing Main.cpl in Start menu search box and then press Enter key. For some notebooks or touchpads, the option to turn on or off the touchpad might be located under Touchpad Control Panel (for instance, Synaptics Control Panel).


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Make sure that the touchpad driver is installed

Although some touchpads will work out of the box without requiring additional drivers, if the touchpad or touchpad gestures are not working, please make sure that the latest version of touchpad driver is installed on your Windows 10 notebook. To do so, first check the current version of the driver installed on your PC and then visit the manufacturer’s website to check the version number.

Visit your laptop manufacturer’s website, download and install the Windows 10 compatible driver.

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Reinstall the driver

Try reinstalling the driver. To do so you need to uninstall the current driver first, download the newest version of the driver, and then install the new one.

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Roll back the driver

Many users often experience issues after updating to a newer version of the touchpad driver. If you recently updated the driver to the latest version (or drive is automatically updated by Windows 10) and the touchpad stopped working or not functioning since then, you can roll back to the previous version of the driver.


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Restore Windows 10 to a previous date

If the touchpad has just stopped working recently, try restoring the Windows to a previous date.


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Check if auto turn off is enabled

Disconnect the mouse if you have connected it as it may be possible that the Windows is configured to disable the touchpad once the mouse is connected.

If the above methods are not working, try using the build-in Contact support app.

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