How to Fix Windows Spotlight Is Missing From Windows 10


Window Spotlight is a feature introduced in . When turned on, it displays latest Bing homepage picture as your 10 background. The spotlight feature can also be configured to display pictures from a specific category by clicking I want more or not a fan option on the lock screen.

This feature can be turned on and off under section of the Settings app. In other words, in order to turn the spotlight feature, you need to right-click on desktop, click Personalize, click Lock screen, and then select Windows spotlight from the drop-down menu.

Many users have noticed that at times Windows spotlight feature goes missing from the personalization section of Settings for no specific reason. If you are also unable to see spotlight option under lock screen section of Settings app, you can try the following methods to restore the Windows spotlight feature.

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Make sure that you’re running the newest build of Windows 10

Make sure you are running Windows 10 with Windows 10 November or Threshold 2 update. Make sure that the OS build number of 10586 or above.


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Remove apps from lock screen

Step 1: Right-click on Desktop, click Personalize to open Personalization section of Settings.

Step 2: Click Lock screen. Under Choose apps to show quick status section, click on the first app and select None to remove it from the lock screen. Like this, you need to click on each and every app in the list and select None to remove all those apps from lock screen.


Step 3: Click on the app under Choose an app to show detailed status section and then select None to remove the same from lock screen.


Step 4: Close all running apps, sign out and sign in. Navigate to Lock screen settings in Settings app. The Windows spotlight feature must be available now.

Method 3 of 5

Disable “Show Windows background picture on the sign-in screen” option

It is recommended that you turn off “Show Windows background picture on the sign-in screen” option only after you removed all apps from the lock screen by following the directions in Method 1.

Step 1: right-click on desktop, click Personalize to open Settings, and then click Lock screen to open lock screen settings.

Step 2: Scroll down to see Show Windows background picture on the sign-in screen. Turn off the option.


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Turn off PIN lock

For some users, turning off the PIN lock enabled Windows spotlight feature. Of course, you can skip this method if you haven’t turned on the PIN lock feature.

Method 5 of 5

Remove Cortana from Lock screen

Try removing as here an option in the Windows 10 Anniversary update builds.

Step 1: Right-click on desktop, click Personalize, and then click Lock screen to see its settings.

Step 2: Click the link Cortana lock screen settings.


Step 3: Turn off the option labeled Use Cortana even when my device is locked to remove Cortana from lock screen.


Check if the Windows spotlight appears and works in the absence of Cortana. You can add Cortana back to lock screen later by following above mentioned steps.



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