When battery of your PC reaches low, alerts you by displaying a notification on the screen. This helps you stay updated about the position of your battery and helps you figure out when to plug in the charger.


It’s a general concept that leaving your charger plugged in for long hours can cause the reduction of the lifespan of your battery. Although according to a research keeping your charger plugged-in is perfectly okay and will not reduce the lifespan of your battery. But it’s better to discharge once the battery is fully charged as it will not increase the temperature of your battery and for that there is no alert to notify that the battery has been fully charged.

Get full battery alert in Windows 10

Step 1: Download the from the link below:


Once the download is completed, go to the where the contents are downloaded and extract everything.

NOTE: You can edit the script and decide at what percentage of the charging do you want the alert to appear. To do that right-click on the script, click open with and select notepad and then enter any number from zero hundred and save changes.

Step 2: Now to enable the full battery notification, double-click on the script once. Be careful to launch the script only once as launching it multiple times means multiple notifications.


You need to manually launch the script every time you restart your PC, to avoid that you can edit the setting of the script to run at startup.

Step 3: Now create a shortcut for the script by right-clicking on the FullBattery.vbs file and clicking create shortcut option.


Step 4: Open the Run command box and enter Shell:startup and then press enter.


Step 5: Now copy and paste the shortcut you created in Step 3 in to the Startup folder. From now onwards, the FullBattery.vbs script will load with and displays a notification with sound when the battery level reaches 100%.

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