Kaspersky is well known for its security products and making our PC’s safe from all the malware. Its most popular products are and Kaspersky Internet Security but they are all paid solutions. However Kaspersky does provide a couple of free products and one of them is Kaspersky Cleaner.

Kaspersky Cleaner Free

This is a very useful software which helps you clean your PC of all the junk and useless files present in your PC which might be making your PC slow. However it doesn’t deal with malware, viruses or spyware.


Kaspersky Cleaner provides an easy to use and a refreshing user interface.

Kaspersky Cleaner Features

The free tool allows you clear Recycle Bin contents, temporary files and various logs, restore system settings, and remove activity traces by deleting cookies, logs, and history from your web browser.


Clicking on the Private browsing allows you more control over collecting information and privacy settings especially in . There are tons of settings to improve privacy for instance you can stop applications from accessing your account settings and block collection and transmission of telemetry data.


This application also allows you to restore various settings to their default if it is being blocked by some virus or malware.


Under restore System Settings you can also find option to repair invalid EXE, COM and PEFI associations.

Download Kaspersky Cleaner

The only odd thing about Kaspersky Cleaner is that it’s not possible to download the fully offline version of the installer. You need to first download the web installer and then run the same to download and install the product. While the web setup is about 0.5 MB, the actual size of the full installer is about 25 MB.

Following is the link to download Kaspersky Cleaner:

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