The has been major part of the throughout the years but it has not seen any major updates along that time.

However in Command Prompt has seen many changes and some major changes being able to perform the copy paste feature using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V and also being able to maximize the window to cover the entire screen.

In addition to that Command Prompt can now be customized like you can change its background colors, text color and adjust transparency without using any third-party tools.


The transparency feature comes in handy when you have to enter commands without doing the copy paste method. By making it transparent you can view the webpage and Command Prompt simultaneously without having to switch between the windows.

Change Command Prompt opacity level in Windows 10

Step 1: Open Command Prompt which can be done by either typing Command Prompt in the start search bar or by opening the start menu and then clicking it icon.

Step 2: Once it’s opened, right-click on it and then click Properties.


Step 3: Now click on the Color tab.

Step 4: Now there will be an Opacity heading, to make the Command Prompt fully transparent, move the slider to the extreme left-side of the screen (30%). To make Command Prompt partially transparency set a value between 50 to 80.


Windows will show a live review of the settings apply so you can adjust accordingly. Click OK when you want to apply and save the settings.

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