How to Mute Group Conversations on Facebook (Temporarily or Permanently)

Many times it happens to us that we are just surfing around on and suddenly someone adds you to a Facebook chat groups for who knows what reason and there you have it, non-stop notifications. Here is get rid of them.

If you have used group chat feature before then you know that how annoying it can turn out to be. Even if there are just a few people in the group and send few messages a day still it can pile up to be quite a headache.

Managing Group Chat from

To manage your chat notifications from the Facebook web interface, log into your Facebook account and look for the chat icon on the right side of the navigation bar. Click on the chat icon and then click on the entry for the group chat you wish to mute.


Down in the bottom right corner of your browser pane, you will now see the chat box for that conversation. Click on the gear icon in the chat box header and then select “Mute Conversation”.

Here you can select how long you wish to mute the conversation. If you just want to silence the chatter about an upcoming event while you’re in a meeting, the “1 Hour” setting might suffice, until the morning “Until 8 AM”, and if you’d like to keep up with the conversation on your own time without notifications “Until you turn it back on”.

Whatever choice you make here will also apply to your message notifications via Facebook Messenger on your mobile device.

Managing Group Chat from Facebook Messenger

Muting a conversation in Facebook’s mobile app, Messenger, is more or less the same process (with a bit more granularity over how long the mute should last for). To mute a conversation in Facebook Messenger, fire up the app and select the conversation you wish to mute.


After selecting the conversation, click on the title bar of the conversation (which lists off the participants like “Steve Smith, John Adams, Mark…”).

In the resulting “Group” settings , select the entry for “Notifications”.

Here, just like on the Facebook webpage, you can select how long you’d like to mute the conversation. The only minor difference is that instead of 1 hour, until the morning, or indefinitely, you can mute the conversation in small increments of 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, 24 hours, or until you enable the notifications again.

Tap your selection and you’re done.



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