When searching on the internet you are likely to open multiple tab on your browser and at times it becomes difficult to manage tabs and this is where pinning tabs comes into action.

Tab pinning comes in handy very frequently and most commonly used browser like Chrome and Firefox have this feature included to help the users pin their favorite web pages or websites to the browser. didn’t include this feature in but it has finally arrived in .


Pinning feature can now be easily used in Microsoft Edge in and users who intend to make Edge their primary browser can take advantage of this feature. It is available in 10 build 10291 and above.

Pin and unpin tabs in Edge browser

Method 1

To pin a tab in Edge browser

Step 1: Launch the Edge web browser and enter the URL you wish to pin.

Step 2: Right-click on the tab you would like to pin and then click Pin Tab.


The pinned tabs are shorter compared to normal tabs and display only URL’s favicon in the tab instead of URL’s name.

Method 2

To unpin a pinned tab in Edge browser

Step 1: Launch Edge browser, right-click on the pinned tab and then click Unpin tab option. It will now appear as normal tab.


You can also pin webpages to Start menu in Windows 10 using Edge.



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