The start in can be a real handful if used to its full potential like it’s not limited to pinning apps and folders only but it can also be used to pin websites. Although it’s not a straight forward job.


To pin a program or folder all you need to do is just right click on it and click then click button. But now when you will right-click on website shortcut on the desktop the desktop won’t offer the Pin to start button.

Pin websites or webpages to Start menu in Windows 10

Following are the instruction if you prefer your websites pinned to the start menu.

Step 1: First create the website shortcut on your desktop.


Now to do that open the website you want to create a shortcut in the . Right-click on the empty are in the website and then click Create Shortcut, click yes button if asked for confirmation.

Step 2: Now when the shortcut is at your desktop press logo + R key to open Run command box.


Step 3: In the Run command box type Shell:Programs and then press Enter. This will open the Programs folder located under Start menu.


Step 4: Now copy and paste the newly created website shortcut in Programs folder.


The website shortcut will now appear under Start menu but it will not appear on the right-side of the Start menu. The shortcut will appear on the left-side of the Start menu under All Apps.

Step 5: Now open the start menu, click All Apps and then look for the website shortcut.


Step 6: Now click on the website shortcut and then click Pin to Start.


The website tile will be created and it can be moved anywhere you want.


To unpin click on the tile and click on Unpin from Start.

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