How to Reinstall Purchased Apps & Games From Store In Windows 10


Once in a while we always come across the situation where we want to reinstall the app we once had or reinstall a purchased app after reinstalling or even repair an app by reinstalling it. In this guide we will learn view the purchased apps from Store and how to reinstall them.

Finding the purchased apps is simple as you just have to navigate to the store, sign in using your and then view all purchased items from the store.


If you have purchased an app using any mean such as credit card, debit card, mobile phone balance or bill, you can use the following method to reinstall it.

Reinstall apps and games purchased from Windows Store in Windows 10

Step 1: To reinstall an app first thing which is necessary is the uninstallation of the app you want to reinstall.



Step 2: Open Windows store app by typing store in the taskbar search menu and then pressing enter.


Step 3: Now you need to click on the user icon next to the search bar. You need to be logged into your account.


You need to make sure that you use the same account you used to purchase the app you want to reinstall.

Now click on the user icon and then click My Library.

Step 4: On Library page you can view recently purchased apps as well as installed games form the store. To view all apps and games click on Show all link.


Those apps which have been uninstalled will have a download button across them click it to download and install/reinstall the app.


Now the download icon will not appear next to the app already installed and this is how you reinstall the app.



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