Airplane mode is a very neat and useful feature which lets you disconnect all wireless networks on your PC or tablet. It can be quickly turned on and off by clicking the Airplane tile on your PC and or clicking the button on the taskbar.

When the mode is turned on you will see the airplane icon in the taskbar, the icon will disappear once the mode is turned off. At times the icon won’t go away even after the mode has been turned off.


The summary is the icon won’t go away even if the mode is off because of this glitch it hard to tell if the mode is on or off and causes confusion.

Three ways to remove Airplane or Flight mode icon from system tray in Windows 10

Method 1 of 3

Step 1: Open task manager by clicking on the empty area of the taskbar.


Step 2: Now click on more details on the bottom of the dialogue.


Step 3: Now under the Process look for the entry called Explorer.

Now right-click on it and then click on restart.


This should refresh the taskbar and the icon should go away now.

Method 2 of 3

Step 1: Right-click on the empty area of the taskbar and then click on properties to open Taskbar and Start properties dialog.


Step 2: In the Taskbar tab check the option labeled Auto-hide the taskbar now click apply button and OK.


Step 3: Now uncheck the previously ticked Auto-hide the taskbar and click apply again. The taskbar will appear again with the network or wireless icon instead of the icon if the mode is turned off.


Method 3 of 3

If none of the above methods work be sure to check that the Airplane mode is actually turned off by opening Settings, clicking Network & Internet, clicking Airplane Mode and checking the status yourself.

If it’s turned off try restarting your PC to refresh settings.

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