Microsoft Edge is the new internet browser introduced in as a replacement of but it’s relatively new to the other third-party browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Because of this reason it lacks several features and options.

Microsoft has been constantly working on improving Edge to compete with all its competitors and adding new features and settings in Edge with each major in 10. Edge has also recently got support for extensions and has also announced that Edge will get better web support when the Windows anniversary update will be released later this year.


It still lacks many basic settings and functions like a browser reset button. It means you can’t easily reset the web browser.

Edge Reset Button to reset Edge browser settings

If a virus or unwanted software changes the browser’s settings on its own or even you change the settings without knowing there is no way to restore Edge settings to default. You can manually change the settings back but the users don’t prefer this method as it can prove to be long and tiring.


If you are using Edge as your primary browser you can easily reset the settings back to default using a small tool called Edge Reset Button.

Edge Reset Button is a small tool made for personal use to reset the settings back in a second. The initial version of Edge Reset Button resets the home page of the Edge browser only, and you can’t use the tool reset other settings of the browser.


The tool comes in handy when a malware hijacks your web browser’s homepage and you are unable to change it back. The downside is it only resets the home page but an option to reset all other settings would have made this tool very handy for the Windows 10 users.

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