In this article we will discuss restore to an earlier date with the help of a previously created .

*When you restore 10 to a previous date, your documents, pictures, and other files will be preserved.

*Programs installed after the creation of selected restore point will be deleted or uninstalled.

*Programs updated after the creation of selected restore point will be restored back to the previous version and will not be uninstalled.

Restoring Windows 10 system to a previous date

Step 1: Type Sysdm.cpl in start search box or Run command box.


Step 2: Switch to System Protection tab.


Step 3: Now under Protection settings make sure that the protection for system drive is turned on. Now click on System Restore to open System Restore wizard.


Step 4: Click next to view all recently created restore points.


*If you recently performed a system restore using a restore point, you will get the following screen instead of the above screen with an option to undo the system restore. You need to select Choose a different restore point and then click Next button to view all restore points.


Step 5: If all restore points are not visible, click the option labelled Show more restore point.


Latest restore point appears at the top with date, time and description.

It’s a good idea to know what all programs will be uninstalled when you restore your system using a specific date. To know affected programs, select the restore point that you want to use to restore your system, and then click Scan for affected programs.Restore-Windows-10-to-an-earlier-date-step7_thumb

Windows will show all the programs and drivers which will be uninstalled when you restore your system using the selected restore point.

Step 6: Select the restore point you would like to use and then click next.


Step 7: Now click on the Finish button to begin restoring your PC to a selected restore point.


Your PC will automatically reboot to begin the restore process. This might take up to 20 minutes depending on the number of programs and settings to be restored.

Once done, you will see “System Restore completed successfully” message on your desktop.


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