How To Save Windows Spotlight Lock Screen Pictures In Windows 10


Windows Spotlight is a feature which automatically downloads and set beautiful pictures as your . The feature is turned off by default but can be turned on by accessing Personalization section of the settings app.

Occasionally users come across a picture and they want to save it and set as desktop wallpaper, if you want to do the same following are the steps to follow.


Tip: Did you know that you can capture your 10 lock screen? Yes, unlike previous Windows versions, Windows 10 allows you capture the lock screen.

All you need to do is, press PrtSc key on your keyboard when you are at the lock screen, sign-in, open Paint or any other image editing program, press Ctrl + V hotkey to paste the captured image, and then save it.

To save Windows Spotlight lock screen images

Step 1: Open .


Step 2: Click the View tab, then check the box labelled Hidden items to make the operating system show all hidden files and folders.


Step 3: Open up the drive where Windows 10 is installed. For instance, if Windows 10 is installed on “C” drive, open up the same.


Step 4: Navigate to C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Packages\ Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy\LocalState\Assets.


Step 5: Under Assets folder, you will see a number files. These files are nothing but Windows Spotlight images downloaded from Microsoft. To view them, rename each file and use .JPG as extension.


For instance, right-click on a file and then click Rename (or use F2 hotkey), enter 1.JPG and then press Enter key to rename the selected file as 1.JPG. You can now open it in the default or Windows Photo Viewer (if enabled). Rename all files in the folder one after another to view all saved lock screen images downloaded as part of Windows Spotlight feature.


And if you want to set latest Bing homepage picture as your desktop background, please download and install Bing desktop toolbar from Microsoft.

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