If you are using as your primary for quite some time now you are likely to know many tricks to use the start as effectively as possible. However we do suggest a quick look below to take a look at the tips and tricks given below.

Searching for a file, folder or program has not changed with the new Start menu of Windows 10. However, Microsoft has made it easy to quickly search and find things that you’re looking for. Following are the three tips that you can use on a Windows 10 PC or tablet to quickly search and launch apps.


Search without the search box

The search box on the taskbar or small search icon is not required to start a search.

So in order to search for something just open the start menu and start typing the name of the program you are looking for straight away. The search UI will automatically appear with results you are looking for.

By adopting this method, you can save valuable space on the taskbar.

Easy way to search for apps with long names

If you want to open Internet Security using start menu what you will do is type the full name and then press enter. The same program can be opened by typing just K I S and then pressing enter.

To launch a program with long name, type the first letter of each word in the Start menu with a space between them. For instance, to open Snipping Tool, just type S T (no need to type with caps on).

Quickly navigate to apps you are looking for

For example if you want to see all the starting with the letter W, open start menu, click on All Apps and then click on a letter (refer to the picture below), and then click or tap the W letter to view all program that use “W” as the starting letter.


Use Start menu search as calculator

It is not common knowledge that the start menu search bar can be used as a calculator too. It works only when the PC is connected to internet and when it is you can make addition, multiplication, subtraction and division calculations.

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