Changing desktop wallpaper is one of the most basic and easiest things out there and almost everyone knows do it. Although the procedure is slightly changed in but you can still just right click on a picture and then click set as desktop background.

Use a website or webpage as wallpaper in Windows 10

Many users want to set a live website or webpage as their desktop background for quicker access to their content. For instance, you might like to set your Twitter page as wallpaper to see latest tweets. Similarly, some users might want to set a news website as their desktop background to see latest news on desktop instead of a static wallpaper.


What most users don’t know is that XP allowed user to set a webpage as wallpaper without the help of any third party software with the help of the feature called Active Desktop. Even operating system allows this without the help of any third party tools.

The Active Desktop feature was dropped from Windows Vista and is not present in the Windows 10 as well.

But you can still make it happen if you don’t have a problem with using third party tools.

WallpaperWebPage program to set a webpage as Windows 10 desktop background

WallpaperWebPage is a software which allows users to use a live webpage as desktop background instead of a static image.

When the program is running, a small icon of WallpaperWebPage sits in the system tray. Right-click on WallpaperWebPage’s system tray icon, click Configure and then enter the URL of the website or webpage that you want to set your Windows 10 desktop background.

set-a-webpage-as-desktop-background-in-Windows-10-pic2_thumb set-a-webpage-as-desktop-background-in-Windows-10-pic3_thumb

The only drawback is that it doesn’t actually replaces the original desktop wallpaper instead it sits on top of it and covers the whole screen.

Because WallpaperWebPage doesn’t replace the actual desktop, it doesn’t display icons on your desktop, if you have any. You can see the actual Windows desktop using Windows logo + M hotkey and access icons on it, if any. Finally, there is no way out there to access the actual desktop using mouse when the WallpaperWebPage is running.

To terminate WallpaperWebPage, right-click on its icon in system tray and then click Exit option.

WallpaperWebPage is not perfect and certainly not comparable to the old Active Desktop feature. You can download the software for the link below and determine for yourself if you are ready to compromise a little bit or not.


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