The Mail app was first introduced in 8 and is also part of many apps part of but the Windows 10 has been dramatically improved with new features and options.


Mail app in Windows 10

The official mail app is one of the better apps out there although not as superior to the other third-party desktop clients but has all the necessary features required in a good email client.

If you have added multiple email accounts to Mail app you are likely to remove or sign out an email account for some reason. Like if you have added a Gmail account to Windows 10 Mail, you might want to sign out of it before accessing other accounts.

However this process only applies to those user who use a to sign into Windows 10 as when you sign in using an account, it is automatically added to the Mail app so you can’t sign out of it without switching your account to local account.

Steps how to sign out of an email account in Windows 10 Mail

Step 1: Launch the Mail app.

Step 2: Go to Settings.


Step 3: Click Manage Accounts.


Step 4: Click on the account you want to sign out for, this will take you to a Account settings dialog.


Step 5: Now click on Delete account.


Step 6: Again click the delete button if you see a confirmation dialog.


If you’re not getting the remove account option tis might be that you are using the same account to sign into Windows 10.

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