When you perform a clean install of using any mean and enter an invalid product key, 10 is installed in trial mode and is valid for 30 days only. The user then has to enter a valid key to continue using Windows without any limitations.

When you start using the trial version the Windows will automatically display automatic pop ups asking you to enter the valid product key even during the trial period.


This happens because like its predecessors Windows 10 also comes with an automatic activation feature and this is why the frequent pop ups occur.

The activation pop ups doesn’t have any effect on your computer but some users don’t like them at all.

If you don’t want to see the pop ups you can turn them off by following simple instructions.

Method 1 of 2

Turn off automatic activation in Windows 10 by manually editing Registry

Step 1: Type Regedit in the start setup and then press enter.


Step 2: Navigate to the following:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT \CurrentVersion\SoftwareProtectionPlatform\Activation

Step 3: Select the Activation key. On the right-side, look for the entry named Manual, and change its default value to 1 to disable the automatic activation.


Set the value of Manual back to 0 (zero) to enable automatic activation in Windows 10.

Reboot your PC once to apply the settings completely.

Method 2 of 2

Easy way to disable automatic activation in Windows 10

Step 1: Click on the link below and download the AutoActivationOff.reg file.

Step 2: Right-click on the AutoActivatoinOff.reg file, click Merge, and then click Yes button when you see the confirmation dialog.

turn-off-automatic-activation-in-Windows-10-step4_thumb turn-off-automatic-activation-in-Windows-10-step5_thumb

Step 3: Click OK on any confirmation dialog.


To turn on automatic activation again, download this AutoActivationOn Registry file, and follow instructions in Step 2 and Step 3 of Method 2.

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