Unlike the previous version of , doesn’t allows you to easily turn off automatic Windows updates.  The classic Windows panel, which allowed users to turn off automatic updates, has been dropped from Windows 10, and there is no option under Settings app to turn off automatic updates.

But still users who are using Windows 10 Pro edition can make necessary changes to the default Windows Updates settings to notify users that updates are available (users can install if they wish to), and turning on this option will make sure that Windows 10 doesn’t automatically download and install updates. There is also an option to automatically download updates but notify users before installing them.


*This method is not for the Home edition.

Turn off or configure automatic Windows Updates using Registry

Method 1 of 2

Completely turn off automatic updates

Step 1: Type Regedit in the start and then press enter.


Step 2: In the Registry Editor, navigate to the following key:



Step 3: Right-click on the Windows key, click New and then click Key.


Enter the name as WindowsUpdate. Note that even after creating the New Key, you can right-click on it, and then click Rename to rename it as WindowsUpdate.


Step 4: Now that you have created WindowsUpdate key, right-click on WindowsUpdate key, click New, click Key, and then set its name as AU.


Step 5: Click on AU key. On the right-side, right-click on the empty space, click New, click DWORD (32-bit) Value, and name it as NoAutoUpdate.


Step 6: Finally, double-click on NoAutoUpdate, and set its value data to one of the following numbers:

0 – To enable automatic updates

1 – To turn off automatic updates


Method 2 of 2

More settings to configure automatic updates

If you don’t want to completely turn off automatic updates but want to control how the updates are installed, you can do so by following given below directions.

Step 1: Follow the instructions in the above method to create WindowsUpdate and AU keys under the following path:


Step 2: Select AU key, on the right-side, create a new 32-bit DWORD and name it as AUOptions, and set its value as one of the following numbers:

2 – Notify before downloading and installing updates

3 – Auto download updates and notify for install

4 – Auto download updates and schedule the install

5 – Allow local admin to choose setting


So, if you want Windows to always notify you about an available update, you need to set the value as 2. Configuring Windows 10 to notify you before downloading updates is the best way to disable automatic updates as the updates won’t be downloaded without your knowledge.

And for those of you wondering, although Registry Editor is present in Windows 10 Home, it looks like these Registry tweaks don’t help you turn off automatic updates.



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