Microsoft has introduced many new touchpad gestures in . These gestures allows you to quickly access and switch between opening apps, open task view, open Cortana and perform many other tasks simply by moving your fingers around the touchpad.


New touchpad gestures in Windows 10

In addition to the standard gestures like to tap to click, two finger tap to right-click, and pinch to zoom, the following new gestures are available in 10.

# Three finger tap – open Cortana

# Three finger drags and slides – switch apps

# Three finger up – open task view

# Three finger down – show desktop

# Four finger tap – open action center

Although these gestures helps users to quickly access and switch between programs not many users find it very useful as they are more used to the shortcuts and since each and every function can be performed from keyboard as well.

If you are one of the users who find keyboard more helpful and want to turn off the keyboard gesture following is the procedure to do so.

Turn on or off touchpad gestures via Settings

Step 1: Open settings app by pressing Windows logo + I shortcut or opening it from the start .


Step 2: Click Devices.


Step 3: Click Mouse and touchpad to view various settings.

Step 4: Here, under Touchpad section, if your notebook is equipped with precision touchpad, you will see options to turn on or off the touchpad as well as touchpad gestures. As you can see in the picture below, we are not getting options turn on or off touchpad gestures as our touchpad is not precision touchpad.


Turn on or off Touchpad gestures and then close Settings app.

If your laptop is not equipped with precision touchpad, you will only see the option to change the touchpad delay before clicks work (to avoid accidentally moving mouse cursor while typing).


Turn on or off touchpad gestures via Control Panel

Most of the laptops, including those that don’t have precision touchpad, shipped post the release of Windows 8 (happened in October 2012) offer multi-touch gestures. If the touchpad driver has been updated to Windows 10, your non-precision touchpad also likely offers most of the gestures if not all.

Step 1: In the start menu search bar or Run type Main.cpl and then press enter and Mouse properties will be launched. This can also be launched by opening Control Panel, changing View by to Small icons, and then clicking Mouse.


Step 2: Click on the last tab named ClickPad, ThinkPad or TouchPad.


Step 3: Click Settings to open Synaptics Control Panel.

Step 4: Switch to Click, Scroll, and Gestures tabs one after another to view all gestures supported by your touchpad.

Turn-on-or-off-touchpad-gestures-in-Windows-10-pic8_thumb Turn-on-or-off-touchpad-gestures-in-Windows-10-pic9_thumb Turn-on-or-off-touchpad-gestures-in-Windows-10-pic10_thumb

Step 5: Check or uncheck gestures to turn them on or off. When done click OK button and then press Apply.

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