If you’re using for a while you might be more familiar to how it works. The app store in 10 comes with many handy apps which are as good as the traditional desktop apps.

With default settings the Windows automatically checks and install updates so you don’t have to manually check for it each and every time. This makes it hard to tell if the app is updated or not unless there are noticeable changes. It is because of this many users prefer manually updating their apps.

Following are the instructions to manually check and install apps updates in Windows 10.

Manually check and install app updates in Windows 10

Step 1: Open Windows Store.


Step 2: Now click on the user icon on the top and then click Downloads and updates.


Step 3: Now click Check for updates to check if there are updates available for the apps installed from the store.


Step 4: If the updates are available the store will list them with a download button to download and install them.



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