How to Use Keyboard Shortcut To Shut Down Or Hibernate Windows 10


Whenever we turn our PC’s off, it’s always a matter of a few click and we are there. Some users prefer to use shortcuts in order to shut down their PC or put it to sleep or whatever function they wish to perform.


Following are all the ways to shut down, restart, sleep or hibernate a PC using only keyboard shortcuts.

Use Windows logo + X > U > U

This method takes advantage of the power option in the power user which appears when you press logo + X keys. Here is use Windows logo + X > U > U keys to shut down Windows 10.

Step 1: Press Windows logo and I key to see the power user menu.


Step 2: Once the menu appears, press U key to see Shut down, Hibernate, Sleep and Restart options.


Step 3: Now press U key again to shut down your computer.


If you want to perform a restart instead of shutdown, press R key instead of U. Likewise, press H key to hibernate, and press S key to put your PC in to sleep mode.

Alt + F4

Step 1: Close all apps you are running to shut down or restart your PC. If you want to see your PC in sleep or hibernate then press Windows logo + M keys to minimize all running apps.

Step 2: Press Alt + F4 to see the shutdown dialogue. In some PC’s you might need to press Alt + Fn + F4 to see the shutdown dialogue.


Step 3: Now press enter when you see the shutdown dialogue. If you want to restart or hibernate the PC, use the arrow keys to switch between the options and then press enter.

Keyboard shortcut number 3 to shutdown, sleep, restart or hibernate Windows 10

Step 1: Press the Windows logo key on the keyboard to open the start menu.


Step 2: Press the up arrow key twice to select the Power options, press Enter to see sleep, hibernate, restart and shutdown options.


Step 3: Select the option you wish and press Enter.

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