There are number of ways, some of them new to the users that can be used to log in to . These are the use of traditional password, picture password, PIN, fingerprint scan or face recognition. Here we will discuss the use of PIN and set it up.

When enabled, PIN replaces the traditional password but the PIN feature is available only when you sign in to 10 with a instead of a local account. Both Windows 10 Home and Pro editions support signing in with a PIN.


While using a PIN, if you ever forget your PIN, you can still use traditional password to sign in to your account. To sign in using your password, click Sign in options link that appears just below the PIN field, and then click on the icon on the right to see the password field. Enter your account password, and then press Enter key.

Add PIN to your account in Windows 10

Step 1: Open Settings.


Step 2: Click Accounts.


Step 3: Click Sign in options and then click Add button.


Step 4: You will be asked to reenter the password for security reasons, so type in and then press enter.


Step 5: Now enter a 4 digit PIN and press enter.


From now onwards, on the login-screen, you can type in the PIN to sign in to your user account. Interestingly, you don’t need to press the Enter key or click Sign in button after entering the PIN. As soon as you enter the last number of the right PIN, Windows will automatically begin the sign in process.

To remove PIN from your account

Step 1: Open Settings app.

Step 2: Click Accounts and then Sign-in options.

Step 3: Under PIN section, click Remove button and then click Remove button again to remove PIN.

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