Windows defender is a build in software which offers instant solutions to malware in PC’s where there is no third-party antiviruses installed. It is fairly good as it provides the basic tools to keep your system secured when there is no antivirus installed but obviously it is no match for antiviruses like Kaspersky, Bitdefender or ESET.

Not all viruses and unwanted software can be removed when is running as they load with Windows operating system. This is the reason many antivirus programs request user to restart the system in order to completely remove the detected malicious code.


For the convenience of users many antivirus developers are providing users with offline versions of their software in order for users to scan their PC and remove threats that cannot be otherwise removed using standard method.

Windows has also been providing Windows Defender Offline Tool for years to help users remove malware and other potentially unwanted programs from PC without booting into Windows.

Windows Defender offline scan feature in Windows 10

Before this users had to download Windows Defender Offline Tool from Microsoft and then prepare a CD or USB to perform an offline scan. You no longer need to do that as Windows has added offline scanning capability to Windows Defender and user running Windows build number 14271 or above can use this feature to perform offline search without downloading the tool.

Microsoft claims that in Windows 10, Windows Defender is completely automated means when it will come across a hard to remove malicious code, it will alert the user to perform an offline scan.

How to run and use Windows Defender offline scan feature in Windows 10.

Step 1: Open settings by clicking it in the left hand side of the start menu.


Step 2: Now click and security.


Step 3: Now click Windows Defender.

Step 4: Now scroll down to the Windows Defender Offline section, click the button labelled Scan Offline to restart your PC.


You will see a “your PC will be restarted in a minute” message.

Step 5: Before the restart you will see a Windows Defender Offline leading screen before you see a Windows Defender screen.


Now the Windows Defender will automatically start scanning and remove the unwanted malware that Windows can otherwise remove.


If your Windows defender is not up to date you can switch to the update tab and then click update button.

The Defender may take up to 20 minutes to complete its job. When the process is completed you will see the ,

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