Compared to the iOS and Android app store, store has less number of apps for the users but with the release of the store can expect more quality apps unlike before.

One can now easily find hundreds of apps which are really useful. While some apps are free some need to pay for to use.

View app store purchase history in Windows 10

If you have installed hundreds of free and paid apps from the Store in Windows 10, you might want to view the app purchase history time to time, or may be after reinstalling Windows to quickly install all purchased apps again, or perhaps you want to check you’re spending so far on the Store.


The official store in Windows 10 offers easy way to view app purchase history. You can view information like all free as well as paid apps installed from the Store, how much you paid for a particular app, and payment type. On top of that, you can view the date at which an app was purchased or installed.

Following is the method to view the installed and paid apps from the store.

Step 1: Open Store app by searching for it in the start or clicking it in the start menu.


Step 2: Once the app is launched click on your account picture and then click on the tab named Purchased.


This will open your in your default browser. If asked, enter your account password to view recent apps installed from the Store.


The webpage shows the app purchase date and payment type.





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